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We are a charitable and educational organization formed to preserve and perpetuate the history of the Buffalo Soldiers and honor their service to our nation.


The specific objectives of the Chaplain (Captain) Henry Vinton Plummer Chapter are:


     * To cement and strenghten the friendships and loyalties

        of all persons who have served, are now serving, or may         hereafter serve in time of peace and in time of war.


     * To perpetuate the memory of comrades who have

        passed on and to perpetuate the history of the many

        accomplishments of the Ninth and Tenth Cavalry

        Regiments in the defense of our country.


     * To stimulate patriotism in the minds of our youth by

        encouraging the study of the patriotic and military

        history of our nation.


     * To assist all active units of the Ninth, Tenth, Twenty-

        Seventh, and Twenty-Eighth Cavalry Regiments, or

        Squadrons, and to perpetuate and maintain the

        Tradition, history, and esprit de corp of these units.


     * To render faithful service to the nation, the community,

         and comrades by setting an example of unselfish

        patriotism and service to the communities in which we


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We are a non-profit 501(c)3 Organization.

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